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How can you train your ESA to remain well-behaved? - 2022 Guide

Dogs are totally loyal as they do not hold any kind of grudge against people even to those who have done wrong to them. Dogs work very hard to make their owners happy. You ESA dog will never leave you and their companionship level is not something which you can easily find in other pets. This is a reason which makes them best as an ESA. Now you are probably thinking how you can train your pet to be an ESA Letter.

Instead of assisting in physical activities ESA provide emotional support to their owners. ESA dogs do need to be well mannered. The first and most important thing you have to do is to determine the temperament of your dog. Remember it must be social not only to other humans but also to other dogs. If your dog barks excessively and jump uncontrollably at other people, then training will be beneficial to control his behavior. Keep in mind that the earlier you start training of your ESA, the easier it will be to instil long term behaviors. It will be better that you start with some basic obedience commands.

Are you thinking that Why to start with obedience command?

Well, if your dog cannot sit on your command then definitely you will have a hard time to make it respond to your psychological needs. It can even create more anxiety and stress for you.

Before you dive into dog training, you should first see whether you qualify for an emotional support animal. If you do, then I will suggest you get an official emotional support animal letter from a registered mental health care professional. There are different ways to train ESA dogs, the key is to choose a training method and stick to it. Remember training takes times and 10-15 minutes of training sessions each day proves to be very effective. Training should also focus on the positive reinforcement that rewards good behavior.

You should start the training with obedience command including ‘sit’ ‘come’ ‘down’ ‘heel’ etc. the sooner you start these training, the easier it will be to train your ESA dog. Teach your ESA dog to respond even when you are at distance and when surrounded by distraction. This will help your dog to focus on your commands. Teach your ESA self-control. This method will teach your ESA dog that nothing in life is free, but he needs to earn things like attention and food through obedience.

Dogs have a natural tendency to be dedicated to their owners and this makes them your best friend. However, some dogs may be overly excitable, too timid and rambunctious to help individuals in their darkest time. This doesn’t mean that these types of dogs cannot be able to be an ESA, it means that they need more training.

Potty Training

Obviously, you will not want a dog that relieves himself in the middle of a busy restaurant or on a subway. Potty training is first and foremost on a training agenda. Your ESA should know which place is appropriate to relieve itself.


One of the most valuable command that you can teach your dog is a good recall. This will ensure that your dog will come to you every time you call and will also keep your ESA dog from a potentially harmful situation. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

Teach Your Dog to Calm Your Anxiety

Most of the people who really needs an emotional support animal suffers from autism, anxiety and also susceptible to self-harming behavior for a different reason. Presence of ESA dog helps to calm you and also reduce the attacks of recurring stress.

Remember training of your ESA is a time taking the process and doesn’t happen overnight. When teaching your esa letter for housing new command, remember to be consistent. Don’t forget the rewards! Dogs respond better to positive reinforcement than to punishments.

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