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A self-driving car that guides you to the

next destination


Our Mission


PerceptIn's mission focuses on delivering mobility solution with the most reliable and safest technologies. We meant to make it slow so that you always have a better and sufficient option to find the right ride. We are the Private Driver for all people.

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PerceptIn, a self-operating system


Visual perception: a combination of semantic information extraction through deep learning technologies and spatial depth extraction through traditional computer vision techniques.


Visual inertial odometry (VIO): we fuse the four camera sensors and the inertial measurement unit to generate accurate real-time position updates.


GPS/VIO fusion: GPS is great sensor for localization but at times we do not receive good GPS signal, leading to localization failures. By fusing GPS and VIO, we could achieve accurate and real-time localization results even in GPS-denied situations.


Autonomous Vehicles

Start small, Go smart


The computer vision module is used for both localization and active perception. The Planning and Control process is the most important process and is the “brain” of the driving system. Autonomous cars, like humans, need good eyes and a good brain to drive safely. Instead of lidar, the PerceptIn system utilizes computer vision-based sensor fusion to achieve reliable localization.

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Our Tech


travel cost and time


safety and flexibility

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The ultimate future will be the shared community, where local governments will build entire mini- cities or towns. Within these communities, we will share resources such as schools and utilities with those who live in the same area. Public transportation facilities and other infrastructure will be shared within the community. Consequently, people will be able to travel around the area at their own pace.

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We love what we're doing


Shaoshan Liu, Founder/CEO

I have developed a crystal clear life purpose: to improve human society through technological advancements, I love this and I am very good at it.

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